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Care Guide

 Care Guide

We view jewellery as the most personal and treasured possessions a woman can have. For this reason it is important to recognise how to care for your jewellery. The proper care will make a great difference in the maintenance and longevity of each piece. All Gabriella Luchini Jewellery is made from the highest quality recycled sterling silver (925) or solid 9kt, 14kt and 18kt Gold. When a piece is Gold Plated, the base metal is always Sterling Silver and the piece is plated with 18kt yellow Gold.  

To maintain your precious pieces the most important factor in caring for your jewellery is understanding appropriate wear. It is important to remove your jewellery when you are showering, exercising and applying cosmetic products and perfume or going to the beach. It is also recommended avoiding exposure to any impact, pressure or high temperatures, particularly if there are gemstones in the pieces.


All made to order and bespoke pieces are provided with a polishing cloth which you can use to clean the pieces if any oxidisation occurs. The polishing cloth is best suited to Sterling Silver and solid Gold pieces. Jewellery incorporating gemstones (excluding special care stones i.e pearls and opals) can be cleaned using warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush, this includes pieces that are made from Sterling Silver or solid Gold. 

Gold Plated Care

The Gold plated pieces contain a layer of 18kt Gold electroplated over the Sterling Silver. This layer will eventually, after excessive wear, reveal a slight silver tinge as the metal underneath begins to show through. We suggest keeping Gold plated pieces away from other jewellery by keeping it in a dust bag. It is also important that plated jewellery never gets wet. This includes taking your jewellery off before coming into contact with any form of water or physical activity.  Sweat, moisture, soaps and friction will cause the plating to rub away at a faster rate.


The 18kt Yellow Gold plating will eventually begin to wear off your pieces after excessive wear. This is a normal condition of plating metal. If you wish to have your pieces re-plated please contact for a quote.