Enchanted Pendants

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An ode to the eternal synergy between self and object.

For centuries gemstones have been considered to bring good luck, good health and protection, with each gemstone carrying its own symbolism and long ago attributed supernatural powers. These one-of-a-kind pendants are designed to heighten our senses and shift our perception connecting you to your truest self. 

Amethyst & Ruby in solid 9ct Yellow gold ~ For protection, healing and contentment.

Pearl & Champagne Diamond in solid 9ct Yellow gold ~ For wisdom, fortitude and courage.

Swiss Topaz & Orange Citrine in Sterling Silver ~ For wealth, victory and success.

Peridot & Pink Sapphire in Sterling Silver ~ For compassion, devotion and passion.

Iolite & Orange Citrine in Sterling Silver ~ For heightened intuition, self-acceptance and prosperity. 

All pendants come on their equivalent 45cm chains and are approximately 8x6mm. Please note some gemstones may have inclusions throughout the stone. These are considered beautiful imperfections and are not to be viewed as flaws or damages within the gemstone.